All about Uganda

Published on: 2018-02-25 06:31:57 By: SafariDays Content Mgt. Team

Republic of Uganda

CAPITAL: Kampala

FLAG: The national flag consists of six equal horizontal stripes of black, yellow, red, black, yellow, and red (from top to ...

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Stories of the Nile river

Published on: 2018-02-25 06:52:52 By: SafariDays Content Mgt. Team

River Nile is well known to be the longest river in the world. Its source starts right from Jinja Uganda, some people may be wondering how the name Nile come about. It’s a famous Greek word simply meaning valley. The river starts from the Northeastern part of Africa. It flows from the surrounding areas close to the equator to the outrageous Safari desert and up to the eastern Mediterranea...

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